It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Make This! Zelda Ballet Flats

For this week's DIY you will need courage, wisdom, and power all of which make up the triforce in the Legend of Zelda! Embark on an epic journey with these Legend of Zelda inspired shoes! This makes me want to bust out my N64 and play some Ocarina of Time! I made these flats for my friend's birthday as a nerdy surprise. They came out beautifully and were really easy to make! Let your fairy companion (Me) show you how to make these adorably epic shoes!

>> Measure the tips of the shoes and figure out where you want the design to go. These flats worked great because they have a nice pointed curve that the Hyrule symbol fits perfectly.

>> Save and print out this image to use as a template.

Trace your template on contact paper and cut out. Peel and stick the stencil on the shoes
>> Make sure the contact paper is securely placed, any lifted area can cause paint to bleed through and ruin your design!

Cover the entire shoe with tape newspaper and Spray! Once you are happy with the color and the paint is dry carefully peel off the contact paper and Skkkyyaaa (Link's battle cry?)! Now you are ready to save the kingdom with style!