Once Upon A Time Decorated Box

UPDATE 9/20/14: Monica is currently not making any more of these boxes to sell. If she plans on making more and selling them, this post will be updated.

Did anybody happen to catch the finale of Once Upon a Time this weekend? Yesterday the creators of the show released a new trailer for their spin off show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland that looks pretty epic. I'm happy that there is something to fill the prime time fantasy/magic void. This week I thought I'd share a jewelry box I decorated inspired by Regina's evil queen style. I bought a wooden box, some hardware, and metal decorations from the craft store and Lisa had a fake heart prop lying around which took it to the next level. It's a pretty dark and morbid but that is the beauty of it! (Sorry Sandra for creeping you out!)

>> I sculpted a heart and dagger piece out of polymer clay and painted it to match the other hardware. I used some heart boxes from the show as inspiration.

 >> For the interior of the box I copied lining used from this queen of hearts themed matchbox. The checkerboard and filigree designs are perfect and really match Regina's style. I wanted to capture Regina's distinctive office design look and feel.

Off with their heads and out with their hearts! Regina is the best.

♥ monica