River Song's Journal

Did everyone catch the Doctor Who finale last weekend? I loved it! That ending! I would type excitedly about it but, you know, "spoilers." It seemed fitting to dedicate this week's DIY to Professor River Song and what better dedication than a DIY for her journal? I tried this out about a month ago and it was a pretty fun project.

>> You'll need an old notebook, thin cardboard (or cardstock), and tissue paper.
>> You can print out this template or use the photos below to draw your own. Cut out the white pieces and glue to front and back of the notebook.

>> Crumple up the tissue paper, then glue and smooth over the book.

>> Don't worry about any small tears but try not to get big ones. I used the smooth flat end of my X-acto knife (as in not the blade end) to push in between the cardboard pieces and create the indentations.
>> Then paint it! I did a base coat of white so the blue would be really blue. Then I smudged some black into the indents to age it. I finished with a coat of Modpodge to seal.


Or, if you're feeling lazy, you could print out this cool book duster from the BBC.