POW! BAM! Shrink Plastic Stacked Rings

What's your favorite Batman movie? If you said the 1966 Adam West Batman movie then, hey, we could probably be friends. Those onomatopoeia graphics from the Batman tv show are so iconic that when I saw some BAM! earrings at Forever21, I immediately thought of Batman. So, naturally, Monica and I decided to make some of our own!

You will need: shrink plastic, spray paint, glue (preferably some kind of jewelry glue), rings, and this template

1. Print template and trace onto shrink plastic (or print directly onto the shrink plastic). Cut out the shapes. They'll shrink to about 1 1/4 inches so resize as necessary. 2. Shrink in the oven and paint. I used gold and black spray paint. 3. Glue the pieces together. 4. Glue a ring base to the back.